The primary focus and thrust of Carmel school is student academic excellence. To fulfill this primary consideration, the Carmel curriculum is implemented through an innovative combination of classroom and activity-based learning.

We firmly believe that all students are capable of learning and developing. We firmly believe that education becomes truly meaningful when students are independent learners who create their own knowledge independently.

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The carefully designed curriculum helps in promoting confidence, direction, and critical thinking skills, which ultimately fosters the development of well-adjusted, adaptable, and integrated personalities.

The learning objectives and activities give our students a range of experiences, taking into consideration their learning needs, social and cultural backgrounds.

Our curriculum is a rich blend of academic, physical, social, artistic and cultural activities. We hope to encourage all pupils to strive for excellence, to be inquisitive, to support and tolerate the needs and differences of other students and above all, to enjoy learning.

Our believe is that every child deserves the opportunity to learn without barriers. It  help students in mastering the concepts and skills they will need in their lives.

School Programme

The curriculum of Carmel School has been prepared in such a way that every school child receives the best possible education. It consists of experiences that form habits, knowledge, understanding and attitude towards present and future life. These experiences are chosen according to the needs, abilities and interests of the group and each child.

A carefully designed curriculum is a guide to promote the continuous growth of each child. Its goal is to help each child develop to their potential and become a well-adjusted, self-supporting and actively participating citizen.

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At Carmel, we believe in creating a healthy and stimulating learning environment that stimulates curiosity and excitement throughout the learning process. Students are motivated to acquire new skills and concepts in a positive environment. We employ a student-centered teaching approach guided by an inquiry-based curriculum. Special classes designed for slow learners.

The course is enriched with interactive and engaging sessions instead of one-sided lectures. Tests, assignments, projects and questions and answers on the topics will facilitate learning. It engages young minds and fosters a fun and engaging way of learning.

Carmel has state-of-the-art educational equipment such as overhead projectors, multimedia programs, computers, online libraries and more.

Counseling and counseling sessions are organized from time to time for students to support the emotional well-being of children, especially in their fast-paced lives.